The Tempest About Marcia Dixcy Jory

Production Notes

Produced in 1989 by Actors Theatre of Louisville. Jon Jory, Director. Ming Cho Lee, Set Designer. Allen Lee Hughes, Lighting Designer.
Costumes for Alonzo and his court were influenced by 16th C Italian Mannerist painters such as Pontormo and Bronzino. The court had duplicate distressed costumes and a set of rags to be worn at the end of their sufferings brought about by Prospero’s magic. Caliban was badly burned (supposedly from a catastrophic war that decimated the island before Prospero and Miranda’s arrival). Ariel’s silk “sleeves” were painted to flutter and blend with the cyclorama. Prospero and Miranda’s clothes were supposedly made from ship sails. Prospero’s magic cloak was canvas, painted with alchemical symbols.